Thank You Alberta Tour – 2012 – Makoto Sakurada

The Lethbridge Twinning Society was very pleased to plan, organize and fund the “Thank you Alberta Tour – 2012 – Makoto Sakurada” – We are very grateful to the support and cooperation received from everyone to make the tour the huge success that it was!  The free will offerings/donations made to the Lethbridge Twinning Society were greatly appreciated.

We do wish to acknowledge those that made everything come together, we hope that we have not missed anyone:

Town of Jasper;Jasper Chamber of Commerce;Sayuri Japanese Restaurant;Tourism Jasper;Town of Hinton;The Eagle Raidio Station (Hinton);Whitecourt Central School;Town of Whitecourt;Airborne Aviation;Whitecourt Forest interpretative Centre;Whitecourt House Concert Association;Whitecourt International Friendship Society;Whitecourt Riverboat Association;Whitecourt Star Newspaper;Town of Barrhead;Barrhead United Church;Edie Yuill;Westlock Alliance Church;Town of Westlock;Robin Brett;Pastor Ralph Rintisch;Town of Stony Plain (Trish Haryett);David Ibsen family;FACTSnet Alberta;The Edmonton Japanese Community Association;CKUA Radio Station;CBC Radio Edmonton;Omni TV Edmonton;Canada Border Services (Immigration);International Intergovernmental Relations;The City of Camrose (Jane Cherry);Jack and Jane Ross;Association for Life-Wide Living (ALL) of Alberta;Bethel Lutheran Church of Camrose;Rev. Kristian Wold;City of Airdrie (Michael McAllister);Cedarwood Station;Town of Hanna (Rhonda Lund;Geraldine Gervais;Gwen Snell;Councillor Chris Warwick);(Sean – sound/lighting);CBC Radio, Calgary; Cardel Theater;Japanese Consulate of Japan – Calgary (Jeremiah);Calgary Nikkei Cultural & Senior Centre; Calgary Kotobuki Society;Calgary Herald;Lethbridge Herald;Alberta Ministry of Culture (Lethbridge);Country 95.5FM Radio (Lethbridge);Global TV;Nikkei Cultural Society (Lethbridge);Okinawa Cultural Society (Lethbridge);Kopi Ko (Lethbridge); Sign City (Lethbridge);College Drive Community Church (Lethbridge);Wave Tech (Lethbridge);Victory Church (Lethbridge);University of Lethbridge-Global Drums (Adam Mason);CTV (Lethbridge);City of Lethbridge,Lethbridge Rotary;Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce.


Executive – Lethbridge Twinning Society                                                                        c/o 129 Riverwood Manor West                                                                        Lethbridge, Alberta.                                                                                                         T1K7X4                                                                                                                                     Ph: 403-381-3575                                                                                      

(Letter as received on October 03, 2012)

Mr. Harold Pereverseff                                                                                                               and                                                                                                                Members of the Lethbridge Twinning Society

Dear Sirs,

We, the directing board of the Towada Association for International Relations, are very glad to know that our singer, song writer, Makoto Sakurada gave his “Thank You, Alberta” concert tour with a great success, and extended Japanese gratitude for Albertan’s help and support to the recovery from the enormous earthquake and the following huge tsunami disaster. And we also extend our thanks from heart to all the members of the Lethbridge Twinning Society for your great help and effort to plan and support his concert tour .

We hope this elaborated work will make our twinning relationship stronger and lead to plenty of harvest and beautiful flowers. We are looking forward to meeting you again in Towada and Lethbridge.

 Thank you again,                                                                                                               With the best regards.

 Sincerely yours,

Haruwo SHIRAYAMA                                                                                                      President — Towada Association for International Relations

Yasuko MURAYAMA                                                                                                            Vice President — Towada Association for International Relations

Teiichi ARAO                                                                                                                            Director of Lethbridge City Relations — Towada Association for International Relations

Kazumasa SAKURADA                                                                                                   Director, Chief of the Secretariat — Towada Association for International Relations

Michi HIRANO                                                                                                                 Director, Member of the Secretariat —  Towada Association for International Relations



TYAT – 2012 – 30

The “Thank you Alberta Tour 2012” is over! Twelve days on the road – 3453Km’s – 11 different Alberta cities and towns – 15 performances! Wow, Makoto is so pleased. Thank you Albertans, for allowing me into your communities to deliver my message of gratitute to you!

At several venues, Makoto was asked to return soon! One of the most uplifting comments made to Makoto was that “He is not just a performer – he is the very definition of a performer!”

Makoto says, “Mission completed!” he feels in his heart that he did what he felt he had to do, and he sincerly hopes that we Albertans have heard and accepted his message of “Thank you!”.

The experience of touring throughout Alberta was incredible, and every second was worth it. There are some outstanding moments, not all of them captured in a picture, but those that were are noted in the picture blogs below.

 (Not in any order of significance)

See you next time,

Makoto Sakurada (You’ve got a friend!)

桜田まこと (


TYAT – 2012 – 29

HOME! – Lethbridge – September 21, 2012

We arrived home to Lethbridge late on Friday night, September 21, 2012. It was a great day in Calgary and treated our selves to dinner at Tony Romas along with Alexander, Rozee and Michael from the Lethbridge Twinning Society. (One more shot at “Alberta Beef”!)

As soon as we arrived in Lethbridge, there was the buzz of the concert tomorrow evening. A radio interview, a newspaper reporter and Global Television were all in the wings waiting for Makoto first thing in the morning!

Everything was pointing towards a very successful “Command Performance” !

TYAT – 2012 – 28

Venue – Cardel Theater – Calgary

The beautiful Cardel Theater was perfect for the performance!  So much state of the art equipment made sound, lighting and everything just perfect.  The performance was impressive and the “volunteer” participation on the Taiko an added bonus!  Wow, this is such a terrific venue….Makoto wants to come back! Thank you Calgary, for your excellent support and participation in this stop of  the Tour!

TYAT – 2012 – 27

Welcome to Hanna – September 20, 2012

The trip from Calgary to Hanna was exciting! We stopped along the way, near Three Hills, for an “impromptu” performance for some local cows!                         “Ol’ Makoto had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-oh!” 

From the momemt we arrived in Hanna, we were treated so kind and with the warm hospitalitality of the Hanna community. Gwen Snell, Rhonda Lund and CAO Geraldine Gervais, “Thank you”.   Derrick, we wish you well in your efforts to advance twinning relations with your twin city in  Wake, Japan…. we hope that the Makoto tour has helped in promoting the Japanese connection!

Gwen, thank you for the treat of dinner, really enjoyed it!  Thank you the Community of Hanna, for reaching out and inviting and hosting the Makoto “Thank you Alberta Tour 2012”


TYAT – 2012 – 26

Welcome to Calgary – September 19, 2012

Arriving in Calgary and being met by Lethbridge Twinning Society Members was fantastic!  Makoto began to feel even more at home in Alberta being among familiar faces.  Michael Bennett a director with the Lethbridge Twinning Society Executive, who lives in Calgary was the perfect host.  Michael not only provided accommodations, but conducted guided tours around the city including a night “lights of Calgary” experience!